About Us

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis has been advanced by MINDSTAR using the most recent biometric analysis and technology.

We are confident that everyone can find their innate hidden intellect using the sophisticated and self-explanatory Dermatoglyphics Multiple intellect Analysis Report created by our own Research & Development team.


Who We Are

Our goal is to spread awareness of the value and necessity of the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) among the general public. Our mission is to serve society by identifying and assessing each person’s innate abilities and potential in order to make their journey through life comfortable and fulfilling by encouraging them to use their excellent intelligences to dazzle throughout their entire lives. to expand and achieve great success in carrying out our mission. Through a combination of hard and smart work, inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, and a willingness to assist others, we hope to succeed and stand out as one of the greatest organizations in the industry.

What We Do:

Through discovering their children’s hidden skills and comprehending their learning style, DMIT assists parents in better understanding their children.

DMIT aids people in discovering their learning preferences and hidden inborn brilliance. This also aids in directing people towards the correct job path as they advance in life.

The most skilled trainers are on our staff. We are dedicated to raising public awareness of the advantages and necessity of DMIT. We believe that every person worldwide deserves the opportunity to recognize their intelligences, regardless of race, religion, or philosophical beliefs.

We reassure you that we will keep working to advance DMIT, and that our committed internal Research & Development team will continue to ensure the report’s accuracy.

The company has done Career counseling through DMIT for more than 1500+ individuals in over two years.

To offer our esteemed clients quality counsel and solutions, MINDSTAR  offers professionally qualified counsellors who have undergone training and certification. Our team of therapists adheres to strict confidentiality policies and values empathy, objectivity, and active listening. They offer wise advice and do so with empathy and compassion.

To help as many tender brains as we can, MINDSTAR  has taken this step. Let us accomplish the genuine meaning of “learning” with this devotion.

Office Address:

Premises No:306,3rd floor, A-wing,Raj Darshan CHS,B Cabin Road,Thane (West),Pincode-400601.




10:30am – 7:30pm
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